UK Will Only Get 100 Radeon VII Cards in Total

WTH?! … Come on AMD!

In what could add credibility to reports of AMD’s initial production batch of the Radeon VII being no more than 5,000 pieces, a representative of British PC hardware retailer Overclockers UK posted on the OCUK forums that the inventory for the UK is no more than 100 pieces. From this, OCUK has stocked up 44 cards, and a few more are on the way. In a forum post, “Gibbo” mentions that OCUK will have more than half the Radeon VII graphics cards allocated to the UK market. Sales of the card go live at 14:00 BST, on the 7th of February. AMD is probably playing the Radeon VII launch close to the chest, and future production batches will be greenlit looking at how quick these 5,000-odd cards fly off the shelves.

Source: Gibbo (OCUK Forums) via TPU


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