Unstoppable Gamers – ASRock M8 Leads SK Gaming to World Championship!



ASRock’s acclaimed M8 Gaming PC has recently aided the well-known gaming team SK Gaming to the World Championships. With features such as a Z87 mini-ITX motherboard, A-Command with G-Sensor; which add more convenience with its OLED display for users to tune or check the system’s stats without connecting an additional monitor, and the Creative SoundCore 3D 7.1 CH HD Audio, the M8 is a great base build to create your ultimate gaming PC.

TAIPEI, Taiwan, December 20th, 2013 — Collaborating with BMW Group DesignworksUSA, ASRock has created the futuristic gaming PC M8 and it has already proven its unstoppable domination of the world! In September, M8 met Australian end-users at the very first ASRock gaming party in Sydney; in November, ASRock joined TECHLABS CUP 2013 GRAND FINAL in Moscow and brought gamers and journalists all the special features of M8. Recently, M8 has also been recommended by the global well-known gaming team, SK Gaming.

SK Gaming has been doing a great job in global gaming tournaments. For example, the CS team just took third place at MSI Beat IT 2013. To reach a higher level in League of Legends, SK Gaming announced the latest LoL team members and are ready to show their talent at global LoL competitions. The new LoL team recruits strong players from different places: Nyph and Candy Panda are the original members, fredy122 and Svenskeren have had great performances at LCS (League Championship Series) before, and Jesiz, a young player from Denmark who is expected to be another LoL super star in SK Gaming! This brand new team has just won first place at DreamHack Winter 2013 and re-qualified for the LCS next year. With these awesome performances, they are ready to beat all the competitors in 2014!

M8 is the perfect base for you to build your own high end gaming machine.” Said Alexander T. Müller, Managing Director of SK Gaming. M8 features an aluminum exterior, inside the box lies a Z87 mini-ITX motherboard for advanced portability and space efficiency. The functionality of this gaming beast lives up to its awesome appearance. For example, A-Command with G-Sensor adds more convenience with its OLED display for users to tune or check the system’s stats without connecting an additional monitor. And the Creative SoundCore 3D 7.1 CH HD Audio quad core processor supports SBX Pro Studio, Crystal Voice, Scout Mode, EAX 1.0-5.0, and more for unbelievably realistic audio effects.

Do you want to become an ultimate gamer? Don’t miss the only designated gaming bare bone, M8 for SK Gaming!

Source: ASRock

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