YESTON Releases Black, Purple Radeon RX 590 Game Ace

Who? YESTON … that’s who!

YESTON may not be one of the most covered AIB partners here on TechPowerUp, even though the company does work with both AMD and NVIDIA. The trouble with their offerings is that they’re mostly geared towards the Asian market (and the Chinese one in particular), which means availability on the western world is tricky. However, for anyone that wants their hardware to have a rather unusual color scheme without resorting to RGB shennanigans, YESTON have just announced their RX 590 GAME ACE graphics card with a black and purple color scheme. Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t LEDs in this graphics card – they’re around the purple X, and are lighting up the same as the graphics card.

The RX 590 Game Ace from YESTON features a triple-fan, 2.5-slot design in the cooling department, features a backplate (with red AMD accents) for additional sturdiness and heat dissipation, and receives power via an 8+6 pin configuration, which is then handled by a 6+2 phase VRM. Clocks are set at a standard 1545 MHz boost, so no overclocking was done.

Source: Videocardz via TPU


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