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Philips Launches the Screeneo UL5 Smart Projector

Screeneo Innovation, brand license partner for Philips projectors, is proud to announce the launch of the Philips Screeneo UL5 Smart, a Triple Laser, Ultra Short Throw (UST) projector. Redefining home entertainment, this ground-breaking projector offers a breath-taking visual experience, bringing the cinema to your living room with unparalleled clarity and convenience.

In continuation of the success of the Screeneo U5 UST projector, the company brings the next evolution to its range with the Screeneo UL5 Smart, available for pre-order on the tech platform, Indiegogo, as of Tuesday, 11 June 2024. The Philips Screeneo UL5 Smart projector is one of a kind on the market in this size and price bracket. It combines the ease-of-use, uncomplicated setup, and minimalist aesthetics of an Ultra Short Throw projector, with the wide palette of colours, consistent brightness, and longer lifespan of the Triple Laser technology.



Dazzling colours, immense scale
The Screeneo UL5 Smart boasts a compact design that effortlessly fits into any space, projecting radiant 100-inch images (254 cm) from just 20 inches (51 cm) away. With the ability to scale up to a remarkable 120-inch cinematic marvel, this projector immerses viewers in a vibrant, theatre-like spectacle from the comfort of their homes.

Setting a new standard in visual excellence, the Screeneo UL5 Smart features a Full HD 1080p resolution, 550 ANSI Lumens brightness, and HDR10 compliance. Thanks to its state-of-the-art Triple Laser technology, this projector offers an expansive colour gamut coverage of 200% Rec. 709 (sRGB), 150% DCI-P3, and 108% Rec. 2020. The Rec.2020 gamut is much wider than common colour gamuts such as sRGB, DCI-P3 or AdobeRGB, making it one of the widest: It covers more than 75% of the total range of colours a human eye can perceive (defined by CIE 1931 colour space). With 108% Rec.2020 coverage, the image projected by the UL5 Smart thus displays colours users can otherwise only see in nature itself. Each image is rendered in stunning detail, with colours that closely mimic reality for an unforgettable viewing experience.

Seamless streaming, effortless projection
Ease of setup is paramount with the Screeneo UL5 Smart, featuring auto-focus and vertical keystone features that ensure a perfectly aligned picture every time. The integrated LuminOS smart operating system provides a suite of apps for direct streaming from the projector, enhancing usability and convenience.

Reliable connectivity is at the core of the Screeneo UL5 Smart, with dual Wi- Fi bands ensuring smooth, uninterrupted streaming. Versatile power and video connectivity options are available through various ports, including HDMI and USB-C slots.

Sound quality is not compromised with the Screeneo UL5 Smart, offering stereo speakers that fill the room with clear audio, even at low volumes. For those seeking an even larger sound experience, seamless connection to any external Bluetooth speaker is possible.

Portable and sleek, the Screeneo UL5 Smart is designed for easy relocation, allowing users to transform any room into their personal theatre. Whether projecting onto a white wall, a dedicated screen, or standing upright to project onto a table or floor, superior viewing experiences await with the Philips Screeneo UL5 Smart.

Living room goes Hollywood: now available on Indiegogo
The Philips Screeneo UL5 Smart comes with international power cords and a remote control. For the time being, it is available exclusively on Indiegogo from Tuesday, 11 June 2024, starting from 699 EUR :

For more information about the Philips Screeneo UL5 Smart Triple Laser Ultra Short Throw projector, visit Philips projectors here:

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