Android 10 Update Now Available for Motorola Razr Foldable Phone

If you have Motorola Razr foldable phone … go ahead and update the OS to Android 10. There’s a couple of new features that will make better use of the outer screen.

Taken from Engadget … Motorola is finally updating the new Razr to Android 10, but it’s not just an under-the-hood update — it should deliver genuinely functional improvements, particularly when the foldable phone is closed. You can now use more apps on the outer (aka Quick View) screen, including Google Maps’ turn-by-turn navigation and music control for apps like Pandora, Spotify and YouTube Music. You can also access favorite contacts to make calls from that external display, and you can reply to messages directly from the screen using either a new Quick View keyboard or canned Smart Replies.

More camera modes are available from the closed Razr, including group selfies and portrait modes. You can quickly access the camera by either swiping right or twisting your wrist.



This won’t tackle the Razr’s hardware flaws, such as its so-so battery life and questions about durability. You’re still paying a premium for what’s ultimately a mid-tier phone with a clever screen. With that said, it’s clear that Motorola is directly addressing some of the common complaints about software — if those were the main reasons you held back, it might be worth another look.

Source: Engadget


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