Hands-on with the OnePlus 6T by Engadget

OnePlus has been churning out two smartphones a year since 2016, and that sheer speed means some of those rapid-fire sequels weren’t as exciting as we would’ve hoped. (Here’s looking at you, 5T.) Despite sharing a lot with its predecessor, you can’t really say the same of the new OnePlus 6T.

Other components inside the 6T will sound familiar — we’re once again looking at a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, and this time it runs Android 9.0 Pie like a dream. (Google would do well to copy a few of the flourishes here, like the simple navigation gestures.) Certain aspects of performance, like app launch times, should improve over time too. That’s all thanks to a new feature called Smart Boost — long story short, the phone is designed to figure out what apps and games you use the most and will load some assets directly into RAM in anticipation of you actually doing your thing. That’s the idea, anyway: for now, the feature is only tuned to work with games since they typically need to load lots of data on first launch.

And as usual, the 6T is available with either 6 or 8GB of RAM, but the real difference is how much storage you’ll get right out of the box. The standard, 6GB model comes with 128GB of storage, while the pricier 8GB model is loaded with 256GB of storage. That increased storage goes a long way in justifying the 6T’s higher, $549 starting price, to the point where this still feels like one of the best smartphone deals you’ll find right now.

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