HTC Will Release an Affordable Blockchain Phone Later This Tear

So now you can mine cryptocurrencies on the move, and store it on HTC’s Zion wallet app.

HTC is dead serious about its foray into crypto-phones. Today, the Taiwanese company announced the Exodus 1s, a cheaper version of the Exodus flagship that was launched last year. We don’t know much about the mid-range device beyond its price — somewhere in the $250 to $300 region, according to a spokesperson — and its release date, which is currently slated for “the end of Q3.” The basic specs, including its processor, display and camera setup, are all a mystery for now.

HTC has revealed one tantalizing detail, though: the phone will double as a full node. That means the device can act as one of the distributed points that validate and relay transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. It won’t be able to mine any cryptocurrency, but Phil Chen, Decentralized Chief Officer at HTC, told Engadget it has “partners to announce that will offer hash rates to do so.” HTC hopes the phone will appeal to people who are curious about cryptocurrency and want to support public blockchains.

“There is a shortage of full nodes in the network,” Chen explained. “By taking a more long-term, ecosystem perspective as a device manufacturer we believe we can help grow this network for application developers which in turn would benefit everyone using Bitcoin. There’s a sense of being my brother’s keeper here for running a full node. ”

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