HyperX Clutch Game Controller Built for Android Phones

Costing only $50 … it’s probably one of the best next purchase you’ll ever get for you Android phone.

Taken from Engadget … For the longest time, console gamers were second-class citizens when it came to gaming accessories. Keyboards and mice are, of course, mainly PC gaming peripherals, and the vast majority of customization software is made for desktop machines. Even most headsets were built with PC gaming in mind, though that’s changed in recent years. But for most folks a gamepad is the iconic console gaming accessory, and the options outside of first-party controllers have been lacking until recently. Now gamers have their option of high-end accessories from companies like Scuf, Razer and today, HyperX.

This week HyperX introduces its first gamepad, the Clutch Wireless Gaming Controller. It’s an Xbox-style peripheral, with two thumbsticks, a D-pad on the left, dual shoulder buttons and triggers, and the standard four lettered buttons on the right. The name “clutch” comes from the included clip, which makes it possible to mount an Android phone to the controller, or prop up a phone on a surface for tabletop play. 

The $50 Clutch is mainly intended for use with Android devices, and connects wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.2 or a USB-C wireless receiver. (A USB-C to USB-A cord is included for wired gameplay with the PC or console of your choice.) However, those wireless options should also make it compatible with the Nintendo Switch. Given that your gamepad selection for the Switch is mostly limited to the official Pro Controller and the various offerings from 8BitDo and PowerA, this is a welcome addition to the market, one which we’ll have to test once it ships in March.

Source: Engadget


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