MWC 2016: Huawei unveils MateBook Windows 10 tablet

huawei win10 tab

Wow the Huawei’s MateBook … looks like they’re getting into the tablet/laptop market huh? I can see them really excel here. Who knows, maybe they’ll give their competitive brother, Lenovo a run for its money 😉

Huawei has announced its first Windows 10 tablet, a day before Mobile World Congress in Barcelona begins. The MateBook is designed to be an alternative to laptops and is thinner than Microsoft’s rival Surface Pro 4 thanks to its use of a USB-C port.

The Chinese firm is already the world’s third-bestselling mobile phone-maker, but until now had only made tablets powered by Android. Experts said it made good business sense to expand into the new category.

However, there was no mention of the much-rumoured P9 smartphone at Huawei’s event. When questioned about the no-show, the firm told the BBC it did not discuss future products.


Thinner, lighter

The MateBook features a 12in (30.5cm) display and can be clipped into an add-on keyboard and used with a stylus.

Its advantages over Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 are that it is:

  • nearly 20% thinner, measuring 6.9mm (0.3in) deep
  • about 20% lighter, weighing 630g (1.4lb)
  • has a fingerprint sensor built into its side, unlike the Surface Pro which requires its cover to be attached to use the feature

However, the disadvantages are that Huawei’s machine is only offered with a sixth generation Core M processor, and not Intel’s more powerful Core i5 or i7 chips.”

Source: BBC

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