This Adapter Lets You Attach Huge Cinema Lenses to Your Smartphone


What the hell….?!?!?! Even with the cameras on our smartphones getting better and better, have you ever wanted maybe a wider angle, longer focal length, hell, maybe even just for the fun of it to mount on a camera lens.

A small Shenzhen-based company called Cinematics International Company Ltd. recently caught the eye of No Film School at NAB 2018, and in a second you’ll understand why. The company is showcasing a smartphone DOF lens adapter that enables full-size lenses to be used with an iPhone or Android handset.

Unfortunately, many key details about the adapter—including a product’s name—aren’t provided, but the company representative said Cinematics’ adapter supports just about any lens the user may want to attach to their phone. The product also features a pair of metal handles and what looks like a viewfinder.

When asked whether the handles on the adapter are sufficient enough to support such a large lens, Cinematics’ rep indicated the company has an additional hardware solution for that, one not shown in the video.

It isn’t clear whether Cinematics International Company Ltd. has any immediate plans to sell the adapter,

Source: DPreview

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