Vivo X50 Pro 5G Phone Has a Gimbal-like Camera Stabilization

It’s not rocket science … camera stabilization is already available for most action cams and compact DSLR cameras, so having it on a phone only makes sense.

Taken from Engadget … Vivo introduced a rather intriguing feature for its APEX 2020 concept phone: a tiny “gimbal-like structure” for the main camera, which was said to provide beefed-up optical stabilization “in the front-back and left-right inclined directions.” No further explanation was given at the time, but according to Engadget Chinese, today Vivo finally decided to offer us a technical look into its micro gimbal camera, as it prepares to bring this feature to a mass-produced phone for the first time.

Vivo’s upcoming X50 Pro (PD2005), due to be launched in China on June 1st, will be the first phone to take advantage of this specially-made camera. The module apparently costs twice to three times as much as conventional ones, and it also takes up much more space to accommodate the suspension parts.

Specifically, this micro gimbal mechanism consists of a magnetic frame controlled by voice coils (similar concept to conventional OIS but further refined), along with a suspension bracket connected to the base with double ball bearings. Together, these enable X- and Y-axis tilt angles of up to 3 degrees each, which is apparently three times that of traditional OIS.

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