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This is will be the new word for the next few months … WINDROID!

Microsoft’s new approach to mobile is pure pragmatism: Play nice with everyone, and get their users hooked on Microsoft apps. With the demise of Windows Phone — a noble effort, especially after the 2011 Nokia partnership — the company really has no choice. But now Microsoft is moving beyond merely getting its apps onto other platforms: It’s integrating Android in Windows 10 with the “Your Phone” app, which gives you instant access to your mobile photos and text messages on the desktop.

During its Surface launch event this week, Microsoft gave us a peek at something even more impressive: the ability to completely mirror your Android phone on Windows 10. All of a sudden, there’s a much bigger reason for Windows users to avoid the iPhone.

We don’t know when that Android mirroring feature will arrive (we’re stillwaiting on Sets, something Microsoft previewed a year ago), but the Your Phone app is readily available on the October Windows 10 update. Setting it up is surprisingly simple: install the “Your Phone Companion” app on your Android device, log in to your Microsoft account and give it permission to access your photos and text messages. Meanwhile on your PC, the connection pops up on the Your Phone app, and it then directs you back to your smartphone to secure desktop permissions to the same content. It’s a bit confusing at first, but it’s all in the name of security.

The setup process worked smoothly for me at home, but I ran into a few snags on my work PC. Upon launching the Your Phone app, I saw a note that said I needed to approve the new machine on my phone. But I didn’t automatically receive any permissions notification on my phone. Microsoft includes a handy button on the PC app to trigger that alert on Android, but it took several clicks before it popped up on my smartphone.

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