Now, it’ll be on the much smaller X-T4 to smooth out handheld movie shooting and deliver 6.5 stops of stabilization with select XF lenses (or 5.5 stops without). That should make up for the fact that the X-T4 has the same sensor, as you’ll be able to lower the shutter speed and still get sharp shots in low light.

The X-T4 doesn’t have 6K video as was rumored, but it can still shoot 4K at 60 fps and now handles 1080p at 240 fps — double what the X-T3 can do. As before, 10-bit video can be recorded internally and externally with F-Log mode to maximize dynamic range. However, Fujfilm has introduced a View Assist function that boosts contrast and saturation for shot previews when using F-Log. Continuous autofocus subject tracking now works in lower lighting conditions (down to -6EV).