Nikon announced the upgrade all the way back at CES 2019, so it’s taken nearly a year to deliver it. By recording RAW to the Atomos Ninja V, you’ll get a lot more flexibility for color grading than with any other option. “As RAW video is not subjected to in-camera processing, all information that is outputted from the image sensor is preserved,” Nikon said in a press release. “This abundance of information can later be used in post-production.”

You’ll have to be careful to choose the right type of external recorder. “Operation is not guaranteed with recorders other than the [$695] Ninja V (as of December 2019),” Nikon clarified. In addition, full-frame RAW 4K is only available on the Z6, while it’s cropped down to an APS-C (DX) size on the higher-resolution Z7. Nikon also said that the RAW video upgrade will be available for free to buyers of its Nikon Z6 Filmmaker’s kit, shown below.

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