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Plugable Launches Travel-Ready USB-C Docking Station

Plugable, a leading computer accessories company for both home and work spaces, introduces its latest docking station, the USBC-6950PDZ. This USB-C Dual HDMI Docking Station is small enough to be mistaken for a hub, but has all the functionality of a dock, making it the perfect accessory for hybrid workers and frequent travelers looking to plug-in to productive workstations.

The USB-C HDMI Docking Station is available now on Amazon for $129.00 with a limited $20 off coupon running Black Friday to Cyber Monday. Find other purchase sources for bulk, business, and professional users here.

The Little Dock That is Big on Features
This USB-C dock is highlighted by its dual 4K60Hz HDMI ports and its ability to add two extended displays, even to computers that would otherwise only support one, like the M1 and M2 Mac. Other features, like a single cord connection, seven essential ports including USB-A, an SD Card Reader, gigabit ethernet, and an extra USB-C port to replace the one it plugs into, cover your daily needs. And because it easily wraps up and slides into a backpack or purse, it’s perfect for hybrid workers, or those who work on-the-go.



Power Through to Power Up
Most dual display docking stations require a separate, bulky power supply. One reason the USBC-6950PDZ is so travel-ready, is that it doesn’t. Instead, it can get its power in one of two ways: directly from the host computer, or from pass-through charging.

With pass-through charging, users can connect the power cord to the dock, the dock to the laptop, and simultaneously power the laptop and the peripherals alike. The dock supports up to a 100W power adapter.

Perfect for Windows and Mac
Compatible with Windows 10 or later and macOS 11+, this docking station utilizes the innovative DisplayLink chipset and driver to add two crisp displays to any laptop, even if that laptop might otherwise only officially support one external display—like M1 and M2-powered MacBooks.

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