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QNAP Releases QVPN Device Client Beta for Windows

QNAP Systems, Inc., a leading computing, networking, and storage solution innovator, today released a beta version of the QVPN Device Client utility for Windows. The brand-new system architecture provides improved compatibility and more stable VPN connections, providing users with smoother data access and file transfer.

The QVPN Device Client is a powerful tool that enables VPN connections directly to QNAP devices (including QNAP NAS running QVPN servers, QHora/QMiro routers with QuWAN SD-WAN, and QuCPE Network Virtualization Premise Equipment) via protocols including QBelt. Connection logs are kept for reviewing historical usage data, and a built-in speed test allows users to check VPN connection speeds.

QNAP invites Windows users try the free QVPN Device Client beta where they can enjoy smoother VPN connections from their client devices. We also invite them to provide their feedback so that we can continue adding improvements to the official release of QVPN Device Client for Windows.

QVPN Device Client beta for Windows ( Release Candidate): Download now

*Minimum requirements: QTS 4.3.5 (or later) with QVPN 2.0 to enable the QBelt protocol; Windows 8 (or later).

To send feedback on the beta, visit this page.

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