Sharkoon Announces Graphics Card 4.0 Kits

Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of high-quality, high-performance PC components and peripherals. With the launch of the Vertical Graphics Card Kit 4.0, the Angled Graphics Card Kit 4.0 and the Compact VGCK 4.0, Sharkoon has now widened its range of kits for the vertical installation of graphics cards. All three kits correspond functionally to the previous models, but now with the PCIe-4.0 standard, they are designed for the latest graphics cards and mainboards and perform with transmission rates of up to 252 Gigabits per second.

A Suitable Kit for Each Kind of PC Case
The graphics card kits allow graphics cards to be installed vertically in compatible PC cases, which provides an even more pleasing result for the presentation of the cards’ illuminated elements. The Vertical Graphics Card Kit 4.0 is currently compatible with the ELITE SHARK CA200, ELITE SHARK CA300 and the TG7M RGB cases. The Angled Graphics Card Kit 4.0 fits perfectly into the special configuration of the REV300 case. The Compact VGCK 4.0, on the other hand, covers the micro-ATX cases of the MS-Y and MS-Z series. Further PC cases should be added to this lineup in the future.



Modern, Fast Standard for Data Transfer
The three kits consist of mounts and riser cables and provide the PCI-4.0 data transfer standard with a fast transmission speed of up to 252 Gigabits per second. They are therefore especially suitable for newer mainboards and graphics cards. For older setups, Sharkoon’s previous 3.0 models are still suitable.

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