Sharkoon Announces SKILLER SGK50 S3 Keyboards

Sharkoon Technologies, an international supplier of high-performance quality PC components and peripherals, is now widening its popular SKILLER SGK50 keyboard series with the launch of three new models that have a 75 percent layout. Apart from a standard version, the SKILLER SGK50 S3 is also available as a barebone version that is completely without switches and keycaps. These variants are available in either black or white, and there is also a visually striking version available with white PBT keycaps and blue highlights.

Fully Customizable
Following on from the SKILLER SGK50 S4, the SKILLER SGK50 S3 is a further model that widens the range of an already popular keyboard series with hot-swap capability for 3-pin or 5-pin switches. However, in contrast to the S4, this new model possesses a larger layout with dedicated arrow and function keys. There is also an additional Sharkoon key that allows the quick programming of up to two macros and the adjustment of the illumination — all without the need of separate software. For users who wish to get even more out the keyboard and have the ability to modify every aspect of its functionality, the SKILLER SGK50 S3 offers full compatibility with the open-source software QMK and VIA.



Best Possible Choice for Switches
As with the previous model, the SKILLER SGK50 S3 comes with a choice of pre-installed switches, and this time, the switches from the Gateron brand are used. Apart from the quickly responsive red switches or the crisp yellow ones, the tactile brown switches are also an option for the standard versions of the model. Meanwhile, the SKILLER SGK50 S3 PBT version comes with the third and latest variant of the immersive G Pro Yellow. For those who have an even broader range of ideas when it comes to switches, the SKILLER SGK50 S3 Barebone should be the most suitable version to choose. This keyboard comes without switches and keycaps and includes positioning plates for both ISO and ANSI layouts.

Satisfying Typing Sensation
As well as hot-swappable switches, the SKILLER SGK50 S3 should be able to provide the best possible typing feeling thanks to its positioning plate made of polycarbonate, the double-layer silicone damping and the factory-lubed stabilizers. Those who demand the maximum from their keyboard can reach for the SKILLER SGK50 S3 PBT. In accordance with its name, this version is supplied with grease-resistant PBT keycaps that have a legend produced via dye sublimation for extra durability.

Price and Availability
The Sharkoon SKILLER SGK50 S3 standard version and the Barbone version, both in black, are now available at the manufacturer’s suggested price of 79.90 euros and 59.90 euros respectively. Versions in white will follow shortly. In addition, the Sharkoon SKILLER SGK50 S3 PBT is available at the manufacturer’s suggested price of 89.90 euros.

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