Silicon Power Announces OTG USB Flash Drives

In an effort to make it as easy as possible to carry your data with you everywhere, Silicon Power (SP) is releasing 3 new USB flash drives. Despite their small size, these UFDs with OTG support and COB technology are offering plenty of storage space and durability that’s reliable for daily mobile usage.

Mobile C20: Data At Your Fingertips
With up to 128GB of storage capacity, the Mobile C20 is the perfect solution to gain additional storage space on next-gen devices with limited expansion ports, especially smartphones and tablets. Move data between USB Type-C devices easily, or free up space on them and quickly make room for new photos, videos, songs, and apps. With USB OTG support, directly connect these devices to the Mobile C20 for quick back-ups or to easily access the additional storage space.

Mobile C21: Seamless Data Connection
With USB Type-A and Type-C outputs on opposite ends, it’s easy to access, move, or back-up data between next-gen Type-C devices and older Type-A PCs or Macs with the Mobile C21. Free up space on Type-C devices such as smartphones and tablets and quickly make room for new photos, videos, and songs by offloading that data on to older notebooks. With up to 128GB of storage capacity, the Mobile C21 bridges the gap between old and new devices as one solution for both forward and backwards compatibility.



Mobile C30: Swivel, Save, Store
With up to 128GB of storage capacity and USB OTG support at the ease of a swivel, the Mobile C30 is a super efficient way to share data between multiple devices. The 360° swivel design with a 4-way positioning system not only makes it easy to plug into your device with one hand, but it also eliminates the chances of losing the cap. Free up space on next-gen devices and quickly make room for new photos, videos, songs, and apps with the convenient USB Type-C connector.


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