Thermaltake Core G21 & View 21 Glass Edition Cases Reviewed by HardOCP

Our good friends over at HardOCP have just posted a review of the Thermaltake Core G21 & View 21 Glass Edition Cases. Head over there to check out what they had to say about them. 

This is a two-for-one review: Thermaltake’s Core 21 and View 21 Tempered Glass Edition cases are identical aside from the front panel. Both cases feature tempered glass panels that show off your build, and we’ll find out what difference the drastically different front panel designs have on case performance.

Instead of handing out a [H]ardOCP Silver award, I can only say the Core G21 and View 21 are good cases with a reasonable $70 MSRP. We recommend readers consider them when shopping for a case. If we had a “bronze” award, we feel that both these cases would be solid contenders for that, because both the Core G21 and View 21 (both $70 with Prime Shipping) represent solid values, but are likely not cases for full on hardware enthusiast builds.

Source: HardOCP


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