Thermaltake Expo June 2020 Virtual Exhibition

Thermaltake, the leading premium brand of PC DIY components for Cooling, Gaming Gear and Enthusiast Memory solutions, will be holding the 2020 Thermaltake Expo June from June 2nd to June 4th. Due to the current state of affairs and the necessary implemented guidelines on social distancing, Thermaltake is looking towards a new way to connect with gamers, modders, and PC DIY enthusiasts. The 2020 Thermaltake Expo June is Thermaltake’s first revolutionary virtual exhibition that allows attendees to safely e-visit from the comfort of their homes. During the exhibition period, Thermaltake will present new product launches each day via live stream broadcasts on the Thermaltake Facebook Page and Thermaltake Global YouTube Channel. Besides attractive rich content, our global audience can join our scheduled virtual exhibit tours and participate in our live giveaways. 

The annual marketing idea “Game with Your TT MOD” encourages users to design their own liquid cooling gaming system, battle station, or casemod with Thermaltake’s comprehensive line of chassis, cooler, memory, gaming gear, gaming furniture, and accessories. Users can also download the ARTT app to learn about our products through augmented reality technology.

Since 1999, the Thermaltake corporate mission has been “Delivering the Perfect User Experience”. This summer, through the 2020 Thermaltake Expo June, virtual exhibition, Thermaltake will continue the mission by delivering the perfect “virtual” user experience. For the latest updates, stay posted on the Thermaltake Facebook Page ( and Thermaltake Global YouTube Channel (


Opening Ceremony

  • Date: June 2nd, 2020
  • Session 1: 9:30am – 10:00am
  • Session 2: 1:30pm – 2:00pm

(Taipei Standard Time GMT+8)



  • June 2nd : New Product Launch
  • June 3rd: New Product Launch
  • June 4th: New Product Launch


Live Stream Platforms


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