Our Podcast Show Ep.31- The Real Tech Capital Of The World

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On our Podcast Show this week, we’ll be taking you on a virtual journey of the real tech capital of the world. Taiwan is home to every major computer component maker, and in many ways, it is also where many tech innovations we love are developed, designed, and manufactured. And, of course, 90% of the world’s most advanced chips come from here. But it doesn’t always get the credit it is due.

Taiwan isn’t just a tech paradise. It’s packed with culture and creativity. It is known for inventing Bubble tea, and its world-class Beef Noodles are to die for. If you’re a tech head, the computer, camera, and night markets and heaven for geeks.

Winston and Stephen call it one of their favourite places in the world, and we wanted to share with you why we love this place so much.




  • 00:00 – Welcome to Taiwan. Let us take you for a quick tour.
  • 02:03 – Where did Bubble Tea originate?
  • 02:49 – What is TSMC, and where are they based?
  • 03:35 – What is Computex, and where is it held?
  • 04:21 – Where are the scenes in Spirited Away inspired?
  • 06:08 – What’s so special about Taiwanese Beef Noodles?
  • 08:38 – What do Pineapple cakes taste like?
  • 09:10 – Why does Taiwanese Fried Chicken taste so good?
  • 10:15 – What is so special about the Night Markets in Taiwan?
  • 11:57 – What is Shrimp fishing?
  • 14:15 – What foods smell really bad in the night market?
  • 15:21 – What’s the weirdest trend that started in the night market?
  • 16:07 – What’s our favourite sweet delicacies?
  • 17:48 – Is Fruit Tea any good?
  • 18:25 – What else can you buy at the Night Market?
  • 19:52 – Is there a camera street/district in Taipei?
  • 24:53 – Where is the Guanghua Digital Plaza?
  • 26:31 – What’s so good about products that are Made in Taiwan?
  • 29:07 – Why are parts so cheap in Taiwan?
  • 31:04 – How environmentally friendly is Taiwan?
  • 32:27 – Are Taiwanese people friendly?
  • 33:24 – Why isn’t tourism promoted as much in Taiwan?
  • 34:29 – How big is Taiwan’s bicycle industry?
  • 37:11 – How big is Taiwan’s EV industry?
  • 38:38 – How is Taiwan preparing to reduce supply chain issues?
  • 41:23 – How will domestic production of EVs affect the market?
  • 43:32 – What are the similarities between Taiwan and US/Canada?
  • 45:18 – Should I visit Taipei 101?
  • 46:59 – What makes Taipei 101 so unique?
  • 48:47 – Was biomimicry used for the construction of Taipei 101?
  • 49:46 – How did Motioneering, a Canadian engineering company, get involved?
  • 52:13 – Is there a shopping center in Taipei 101?
  • 53:11 – Does Taipei host a lot of exhibitions?
  • 54:36 – Why are there so many 7-Elevens in Taiwan?
  • 56:02 – What else can you do at these convenience stores?
  • 57:30 – Why should I visit Mr. Brown Coffee?
  • 58:29 – What’s the Taiwan connection with Canada’s T&T?
  • 59:43 – Do Canada and Taiwan have strong connections?
  • 01:01:27 – Why we should respect Taiwan and give them credit where it’s due.
  • 01:02:13 – Go, Taiwan, Go! Why are we rooting for you?


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