Our Podcast Show Ep.33 – Is the ChatGPT AI a Friend or Foe?

We’ve just posted our latest podcast. This is Our Podcast Show Ep.33 – Is the ChatGPT AI a Friend or Foe? Go check out the podcast and remember to subscribe: https://bit.ly/3NFvWq8 👈

On Our Podcast Show this week, we’ll discuss the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it has progressed. You might not even be aware it’s working behind the scenes in many places, along with its close cousin, machine learning. It’s in everything from Amazon and Google to medical and military applications. AI is growing fast, but can we keep up?

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, founded by Elon Musk, and now funded by Microsoft, has been in the spotlight recently. Can it be used to help tackle the world’s problems? Or will it cause new issues due to the technologies that tend to be very confident even when it’s very wrong?




  • 00:00 – The future is here with AI and ChatGPT
  • 00:55 – What’s Stephen’s thought on AI?
  • 01:41 – Did CNET really use ChatGPT to publish their news articles?
  • 03:26 – What’s the difference between machine learning and AI?
  • 03:54 – When did Stephen first experience AI?
  • 05:43 – How does AI affects us daily?
  • 06:40 – Pop culture. How do movies interpret AI?
  • 09:59 – Pop culture. Does emotion affect AI?
  • 12:34 – What is ChatGPT?
  • 14:21 – What are ChatGPT’s flaws?
  • 15:56 – Where does ChatGPT get its data from?
  • 18:33 – Is Google always right?
  • 20:07 – Can you have an honest conversation with ChatGPT?
  • 21:48 – Can ChatGPT learn from its mistake?
  • 24:46 – How can AI be used to benefit humans?
  • 26:59 – What’s the most dangerous aspect of AI?
  • 29:32 – Who makes the processors used to develop AI?
  • 31:11 – Would Quantum computers be used for AI in the future?
  • 34:25 – What are holographic processors?
  • 36:04 – How is the Matrix movie involved with AI?
  • 38:52 – What are the real dangers of AI?
  • 41:24 – What stage are we in concerning AI development?
  • 43:15 – Was the story about a chatbot becoming sentient true?
  • 44:56 – Why are peer reviews critical?
  • 44:57 – Can trial-by-error work with AI?
  • 49:13 – Can AI differentiate misinformation from accurate information?
  • 51:57 – Why is social media BAD for ChatGPT?
  • 53:22 – Winston experiences the dangers of social media
  • 55:33 – Can AI and ChatGPT be good for us?


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