Our Podcast Show Ep.37 – One Bank Took Down The Tech Industry!

We’ve just posted our latest podcast. This is Our Podcast Show Ep.37 – One Bank Took Down The Tech Industry. Go check out the podcast and remember to subscribe: https://bit.ly/3NFvWq8 👈

On Our Podcast Show this week, we talk about the EPIC failure of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and how its failure has affected the entire tech industry. While there seems to be some hope with help from the US government, questions remain. What happened?

DISCLAIMER: We are not financial experts and do not give any financial advice. Any investments made are at your own risk.




  • 00:00 – What happened to SVB – Silicon Valley Bank?
  • 02:00 – What portion of your deposits are protected?
  • 02:51 – What companies are affected by SVB’s collapse?
  • 05:42 – What did SVB do with all the money?
  • 07:07 – Why didn’t other banks bail out SVB?
  • 07:56 – What is the 10-to-1 ratio?
  • 08:34 – Did high-interest rates cause SVB’s collapse?
  • 09:32 – How do you feel about excessive bonuses for executives?
  • 11:28 – What is a contagion? How does it affect other banks?
  • 13:28 – Is this a good time to buy into bank stocks?
  • 15:00 – What other regional banks are affected?
  • 17:58 – How do startups make money?
  • 19:28 – Will SVB’s collapse affect future VC and startups?
  • 21:34 – How important is marketing for startups?
  • 23:07 – Is Crowdfunding suitable for startups?
  • 26:30 – Why do prototypes cost so much?
  • 28:16 – Is corporate espionage really a thing?
  • 31:09 – Why do banks freeze and block accounts?
  • 32:00 – Winston’s experience with frozen and blocked accounts?
  • 34:34 – Is Crypto really worth it?
  • 38:15 – What are the other safe ways of saving your money?
  • 41:51 – Are tax-free savings account worth it?
  • 44:29 – Do banks really launder money?
  • 46:07 – What are Credit Unions?
  • 47:59 – Why is it good to manage your own money?


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