Our Podcast Show Ep.91 – Back to Taiwan for COMPUTEX 2024

We’ve just posted our latest podcast. This is Our Podcast Show Ep.91 – Back to Taiwan for COMPUTEX 2024. Go check out the podcast and remember to subscribe: 👈

On Our Podcast Show this week, a little island called Taiwan will become the heart of the tech industry during an event called COMPUTEX Taipei. At this year’s show, the theme is artificial intelligence. Since the world’s tech is made or developed in this island nation, significant and minor developments will likely be unveiled at the event. We will talk about some of the things we want and hope to see on this week’s show leading up to our arrival in Taiwan for the expo.




  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 00:47 – What to expect at COMPUTEX Taipei 2024?
  • 01:41 – Why is Computex better than CES?
  • 02:30 – What is an AI PIN device?
  • 03:39 – Will AI be big at COMPUTEX Taipei?
  • 05:39 – What new laptops use Intel’s new Ultra processor?
  • 07:35 – Are laptops with dual screens popular?
  • 09:10 – Why should I get a PC laptop?
  • 11:23 – Why are NVMe M.2 PCIE Gen5 SSDs so expensive?
  • 12:28 – Why do PCIE Gen5 SSDs run so hot?
  • 13:54 – Are 48GB, 96GB, and 192GB memory kits the new standard?
  • 15:11 – How much are 48GB, 96GB, and 192GB memory kits?
  • 16:11 – Do external SSDs work on iPhone and Android?
  • 19:08 – Are mini PCs making a comeback?
  • 20:11 – Will power supplies become smaller?
  • 23:19 – What is ASRock AI Quickset software tool?
  • 24:17 – What is Rabbit R1?
  • 28:07 – How much is the Rabbit R1?
  • 29:42 – What AI products will be at COMPUTEX Taipei 2024?
  • 32:45 – What are Asus BTF and MSI Project Zero?
  • 38:41 – Who else will be at COMPUTEX Taipei 2024?

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