Our Podcast Show Ep.97 – From Modder to Case Builder: Mike Petereyns’ EPIC Journey

We’ve just posted our latest podcast. This is Our Podcast Show Ep.97 – From Modder to Case Builder: Mike Petereyns’ EPIC Journey. Go check out the podcast and remember to subscribe: https://bit.ly/3NFvWq8 👈

On Our Podcast Show this week, Mike Petereyns, a master custom PC builder, has taken his craft to the next level. With over a decade of experience creating unique creations for many brands in the computer industry, the ‘Mod Father’ turns his sights to building custom PC cases under his own brand of MP Customized. His first prototypes met with instant admiration at COMPUTEX Taipei this year. We find out how he plans to grow his business and what his thoughts are on AI in the industry.




  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 00:05 – What is PC modding?
  • 03:04 – How do you build your own PC case?
  • 04:44 – What tools do you need to design a PC case?
  • 08:44 – How do you cut your designs into metal?
  • 09:27 – How do you paint metal cases?
  • 10:32 – What do you need to know before designing a PC case?
  • 13:54 – Where can I find Mike Petereyns PC cases for sale?
  • 15:32 – What’s the next level for a PC case modder?
  • 17:25 – What is Project Alpha?
  • 18:12 – Is Hydrogen a good fuel source?
  • 25:47 – Are trucks still using diesel fuel?
  • 28:57 – Why do we have low-emission zones?
  • 30:40 – How do you pronounce Aluminium?
  • 31:42 – Can AI be used to design a PC case?
  • 33:33 – How can AI help with productivity?
  • 38:02 – What happens when AI talk to each other?
  • 40:13 – How do we prevent an AI apocalypse?

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