Arctic Home Charger 4500 USB Adapter Review

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Today we have a review of an often overlooked niche that our friends at Arctic have gone out of their way to pay attention to the details. I would like to express whole-hearted gratitude to Arctic for the opportunity to test their new Home Charger 4500 for my inaugural review.

It is a common problem, and it is getting more prevalent every day. Charging devices is turning into one of those daily hassles that just keeps affecting our lives a little bit every day and growing. From the first electrical device ever made going forward, finding a power source is a problem that just keeps changing hands. In recent years however, there’s been a bit of an explosion thanks to the introduction of portable devices. As more and more devices flood the market, more and more people run into the same scenario.

“I have a free outlet in the kitchen, but I don’t wanna have to go in there for my tablet. The 6 port power strip in the living room only has three outlets being used, but the bulky plugs are blocking the other three. Maybe if I put the headphones in the kitchen and my tablet in the living room then I can charge my phone in the bedroom and my smartwatch in the bathroom. But where can I plug my work phone?”

As tech becomes more mainstream and adopted by more people without tape on their glasses, the need for a charging solution is growing. Enter Arctic with the Home Charger 4500.

While a USB charger may seem like a small item (well, literally speaking it is small, but the concept isn’t) it’s one that has been in sore need of attention for quite some time now, and our friends over at Arctic have once again thought about us and what we need before we even knew we needed it.




Here’s a excerpt from Arctics site, once again with my thanks for providing us with the review sample:

ARCTIC offers innovative solutions incessantly – changing impossible user requirements into new realities. Always focused on our customers, ARCTIC is devoted to deliver excellence through a strong dedication and a high sense of commitment. In light of the ever-changing consumer landscapes, we aspire to continue to expand and diversify our products and solutions.

From computer cooling and peripherals to audio and digital home entertainment, ARCTIC strives to enrich people’s lives by creating innovative, user friendly yet affordable products with a great value of benefit. For us value for money is a key factor – a constant our customers rely on.



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