Corsair MM350 Gaming Mouse Pad Extended XL Edition Review

Conclusion and Verdict

In conclusion, Mouse pads give the sensor a smooth uniform surface to project any laser. The MM350 Gaming Mouse Pad Extended XL Edition features a nice smooth surface. The new rubber smell is a little off putting at first but quickly wears off. If you are in market for a large gaming mouse pad take a look at the MM350 Gaming Mouse Pad Extended XL Edition from Corsair.


This mouse pad worked very well and provides plenty of room for your mouse to fly around.  I am use to the fabric style mouse pads, and prefer them to hard plastic types. Your mouse will definitely fly across this mouse pad.


  • Sweet Design
  • Huge Size
  • No Defects in surface
  • Non – Slip Backing


  • Harsh rubber smell at first


Final thoughts:

If you are looking for a mouse pad with huge size, Corsair has produced a great XL mouse pad! Definitely FUNKYKIT recommended!




You can buy their previous model – the Corsair MM300 Gaming Mouse Pad for around USD $15 from Amazon –


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