Cougar Arena X Pink Gaming Mouse Pad Review


  • HD texture design provides fast and extra smooth mouse sliding experience
  • Right angle wave structure anti-slip rubber base
  • Optimized thickness 5mm height for comfort cushioning support
  • Stitched border: extra durability
  • Natural rubber material, non-toxic & eco-friendly



Series COUGAR ARENA X PINK Gaming Mouse Pad
Width 1000 (mm) / 39.37 (in)
Length 400 (mm) / 15.74 (in)
Thickness 5 (mm) / 0.2 (in)
Surface Material Cloth
Surface colour Pink
Base Material Natural Rubber
Base Colour Black


Now let us move on and see the packaging and contents.




The Arena X will arrive in a tightly packed package. I slightly shook the box to see if I heard any of the product moving around inside. Everything inside the package was well place and nothing had been damage in the transit. The unit is plenty safe while being shipped.


Lets take a closer look at the Cougar Arena X Pink.


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