Cougar DH07 Slim 7-Port Docking Hub Review

A Closer Look

Slim But Massive

The DH07 Docking Hub is designed to be slim and easy to carry. Unlike others with a monotonous, aluminum-extruded casing, COUGAR DH07 follows DS10’s identity as the rugged housing and scratch-resistant surface.

Powerful Portable Gadget

Expand your productive peripherals through a cable: Monitors, mice, keyboard, headset, hard-drive, and more.

Expand Your Visions

With one HDMI connection, COUGAR DH07 can reach a 4K display with high 60Hz refresh rates. When DH07 connects two HDMI ports, it allows your laptop PC to expand to two additional monitor extensions with the 4K displays and 30Hz refresh rates.

Power to Win

COUGAR DH07 has a pass-through Power Delivery port, and by connecting to the adaptor, it will keep the laptop charged and organized the tidiness of your desktop.

Now lets move on to the Conclusion and Verdict!


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