Nesteq RubberScrew Magnet Review


When Nesteq sent me these RubberScrew Magnets, I thought it was a joke. I mean, who would want to play with magnets? Anyway, they said that these magnets are ideal for modders and DIY users, who wants to add additional case fans inside the chassis … at any position, at any angle. Sounds interesting, but it’s not something to go head over heels for!


The package was very basic, with the instructions printed on the back of the card. So don’t be too hasty and throw away the card once you’ve opened the packaging. Inside the package, you’ll find that there are 6 rubber bungs/screws, 4 rubber rings and 4 magnets. All you have to do, is put one of the rubber screws into the magnet, then thread the rubber screw through the hole found on the fan. Do this four times and then mount your fan inside the chassis … in any position or angle you wish. Simple. The magnets will hold the fan in place. The strength of the magnet can be weakened by placing the rubber rings around the magnet.



One good thing about these magnets is that they’re very strong, so it should be able to hold at least 120mm fan, with no problems at all. However, the included rubber screws are a little weak to be honest, and this might undermine the strength of the magnets.

There’s really nothing more to say about these RubberScrew Magnets from Nesteq. It’s not an essential item to buy … but it’s really for modders and DIY users who want to cool areas where other fans can’t reach 😉



Product Overview

Taken from Nesteq’s website …. NesteQ RubberScrew Magnet, compatible with case fans of all sizes, can reduce vibrations efficiently. Always do assembly with NesteQ RubberScrew Magnet instead of conventional screws.

Each package contains six RubberScrews, four magnets, and four rubber rings for the magnets. The magnets let you place the fan anywhere you want.





  • Innovative installation of case fans in computer housings
  • Install additional fans for CPU, Graphics Cards, Add-On cards
  • Install larger fans (e.g. 140mm, 200mm) than the computer housing can accommodate
  • Patented design

For more information please visit Nesteq’s website



Verdict and Conclusion

Surprisingly, I found the installation of these RubberScrew Magnets from Nesteq quite enjoyable and easy. It’s nice to know that I can place my fans inside the chassis at any angle, at any position. Perfect for cooling areas where conventional fixed fans can’t reach. I have no problems recommending these to any modders or DIY PC builders out there.

However, there is a BIG flaw with these RubberScrew Magnets. They work great with chassis made from Steel. For Aluminum chassis … sorry, you’re out of luck. Maybe Nesteq should have include some adhesive pads for people with Aluminum chassis.

The magnets are very strong so that’s good. It’s able to support all fan types, even large 120mm or 140mm chassis fans. The overall quality of the rubber rings and rubber screws were OK, though not great. It just feels a little weak … I’ve experienced several occasions where the rubber screws would just pop out of the chassis fan, especially when I angled it too much.




Final words. These RubberScrew Magnets are probably ideal for Modders and DIY users. However, it’s not really an essential or an important purchase. It’s one of those accessories where you probably look at it … think for about 2 seconds, and then decide to better save the money and spend it one cooling fan. Maybe it’s great as a stocking filler …





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