Scythe Kaze Chrono Review


First of all I want to thank Scythe again for providing me with the Kaze Chrono fan controller.

Who doesn’t know fan controllers? The ugly bays with knobs you put in your computer case to change the speeds of your fans to keep your computer from overheating. Maybe, but there are also cool fan controllers with a beautiful LCD display and easy to use buttons to control everything. The Kaze Chrono even warns you when a fan stops spinning to prevent overheating or bad airflow.

The Scythe Kaze Chrono is a multifunctional fan controller which supports up to 4 fans and you can individually change the fan speed for every fan.

Then you also have some temperature sensors included you can install anywhere in your case (or somewhere else) to get the temperatures of that particular area in your computer.

And at last you also have a clock, so you can see how late it is, obviously.

About the Company:

“Selected PC Parts for DIY PC Experts”

Scythe Co., Ltd., (Registered and incorporated in Tokyo Japan) originally started its business operation in Japan’s famous “Akihabara Electric Town” located in the metropolitan Tokyo, where visitors can find a variety of products from the latest computer parts to the world’s most advanced high-tech electric devices.

Scythe LogoSythe Co., Ltd., began its operation and business since November, 2002 as a distributor and the manufacturer of passive and low-noise PC parts.  Since then, the company has established the R&D facility in Taiwan & China for production and quality control, and the USA office (in Los Angeles, California) & European office (in Hamburg, Germany) for customer care and sales support.

At Scythe, we believe that the best ideas for product come simply from knowing customers’ needs and their expectations.  Based on this philosophy, the PC enthusiasts working at Scythe know what to develop because that is exactly what we would like to have for ourselves too!  We offer products with 100% quality assurance and total pride, and if the product has the Scythe name on it, you can rest assure that its quality will be up to the “Zero Tolerance” standards!



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