SteelSeries Qck Prism RGB Mouse Pad Review

Conclusion and Verdict

In conclusion, Mouse pads give the sensor a smooth uniform surface to project the laser. The Qck Prism RGB features a hard plastic like surface and a smooth surface that is flexible. The LED lighting is all around the outside edges and is continuous all the way around. There isn’t a USB pass through but I actually never have had to utilize those unless I am on my laptop.  If you are like me and want lights incorporated into everything lets wait no longer and take a look at the Qck Prism RGB from SteelSeries.

This mouse pad worked very well and provides plenty of room for your mouse to fly around. I am use to the fabric style mouse pads, so I was super stoked that I had that option available to me. Your mouse will feel a little freer on the plastic rather than fabric pads.

The SteelSeries Rival 700 can be found at SteelSeries and other various e-tailers for $59.99 USD. Buy the SteelSeries Qck Prism from Amazon for USD $59.99


  • Prism Surround 360-degree 12 zone Prism RGB Illumination
  • Dual-Textured Surface
  • GameSense Lighting Support
  • PrismSync Support


  • None


Final thoughts:

If you are looking for a mouse pad with RGB, your options are really slim if you are looking for a fabric surface. Luckily SteelSeries has heard the cries from us! The mouse pad performs very well and the software works with out a hitch! Definitely a FUNKYKIT choice!



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