Thermaltake H200 Internal USB Hub Review

Thanks to Thermaltake, we’ll be taking a quick look at their H200 Internal USB Hub. It’s a 3-port USB 2.0 hub that can be mounted internally inside the chassis. It’s powered by a SATA power connector, and features an additional 3 x 9-pin USB headers.

Its low profile size and magnetic mounting means you can quickly and easily install this unit anywhere inside the chassis.

The Thermaltake H200 Internal USB Hub is ideal for modders that require additional USB ports internally … both the A-Type connector and 9-pin USB headers. These are needed for powering up accessories like LEDs, fan controllers, USB devices and receivers, etc.



  • Increase system connectivity with 3 internal USB 2.0 headers and 3 USB 2.0 Type-A ports.
  • Dedicated SATA power cable delivers sufficient power for all connected devices via PC power supply.
  • Built in magnets offer the capacity for easy plug-and-play installation.




Type USB hub
EAN 4711246871311
Manufacturer number PS-ACC-IU2H00R-1
Mounting Magnetic Mounting
Power requirement 1 x SATA power connector
Connections 3 x Internal USB2.0 9-pin header 3x USB 2.0 Type-A port
Dimensions Width: 76.8 mm x Height: 21.6 mm x Depth/length: 64.7 mm


The Box and Packaging

The box and packing is fairly basic. You get the Thermaltake H200 Internal USB Hub itself, a  SATA power connector cable and a micro-USB to motherboard cable.


The H200 Internal USB Hub

The unit compact and low profile, measuring just 76.8 mm x 21.6 mm x 64.7 mm (LxHxW)

You’ll find 3 x internal 9-pin USB headers on one side, and 3 USB 2.0 Type-A ports on the other.

There’s also a micro USB port which you need to connect the cable to the motherboard. The whole unit get its power from the SATA power connector cable which you need to plug in to the DC 5V jack.


In Use

The Thermaltake H200 Internal USB Hub features magnetic mounts, which surprisingly works really well. The magnet strength is fairly good, but not overly powerful. If you own an Aluminium chassis … you’re out of luck. It won’t work.


Verdict and Conclusion

There have been times when I’ve built certain PC mods and projects, only to realize I don’t have enough USB ports, both internal and external for accessories like LEDs, fan controllers, other USB devices and receivers. With the Thermaltake H200 Internal USB Hub … your problem is solved.

I now have 3 more internal 9-pin USB headers and 3 x USB 2.0 Type-A ports. That’s more than enough. Remember, this unit can be mounted internally inside your chassis. And the great thing is that it features magnetic mounts, which means you can place it ANYWHERE inside your chassis … as long as your chassis is made of steel. 

You can buy the Thermaltake H200 Internal USB Hub from Amazon.


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