Thermaltake Premium Level 20 RGB Extended Gaming Mouse Pad Review

Today I present the gigantic Level 20 RGB Extended Gaming Mouse Pad. Let’s save you some time. I already googled the dimensions and converted the 930x400mm measurements to feet.  The Level 20 RGB Extended Gaming Mouse Pad comes in at just a hair over 3′ long being 3.05′ exactly. For the width we have a healthy 1.31′, which is basically 1′ 4″. One thing that blew my mind was that this thing is RGB. Now this is something I have been wanting to see more of on a soft mousepad. You see RGB on Hard mouse pads all the time! Let’s continue and take a closer look at how they put this thing together!

While this lineup is small the “PREMIUM” is not an understatement. The premium lineup is definitely the cream of the crop when it comes to what Thermaltake offers. I am glad to see the PREMIUM lineup expand into peripherals! Lets get into everything this keyboard has to offer!

Featuring 16.8 million true RGB customizable colors illumination with 8 dynamic lighting effects, the Level 20 RGB Extended gaming mouse pad is built to suit all playstyles and optimized for all mouse types, providing high responsiveness tracking and pinpoint accuracy for total in-game control.

I would like to thank Thermaltake Premium for providing the review sample. This is what Thermaltake Premium has to say about themselves on their website:

TT, the most comprehensive liquid-cooling and modding online shopping experience. The platform is designed to provide exceptional high-end products and services to customers worldwide. Thermaltake TT Premium includes several case modding products that support VR (Virtual Reality) gaming systems. Thermaltake TT Premium is the best high-end liquid cooling and case modding solutions shopping platform that provides client-tailored services and secure processing, to meet all user expectations. All products follow Thermaltake’s core values of Excellent Quality, Unique Design, Diverse Combinations, and Boundless Creativity. Thermaltake TT Premium has expanded its footprint to over 100 countries and territories by creating a seamless network connecting 5 major markets; the United States, Europe, Australia, Taiwan, and China (will be online in April) of seamless networking.

Official website:
TT Premium Global –
TT Premium Europe –
TT Premium Australia –
TT Premium Taiwan –
TT Premium China –


Now let us see what this Level 20 RGB Extended Gaming Mouse Pad is all about!

You can buy the normal Thermaltake Premium Level 20 RGB (non-extended) Gaming Mouse Pad for around USD $55 from Amazon –


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