Thermaltake Tt eSports DASHER EXTENDED Gaming Mouse Pad

Today I present the gigantic Dasher Extended Gaming Mouse Pad. Let’s save you some time. I already googled the dimensions and changed the 900x400mm measurements to feet.  The Dasher comes in at just a hair shy of 3′ long being 2.95′ exactly. For the width we have a healthy 1.31′, which is basically 1′ 4″. Now just imagine the possibilities with this Gaming Mouse Pad. My first reaction was “Holy cow I just got a freaking yoga mat in the mail.” Let’s continue and take a closer at the Dasher Extended in this review.


With the 250mm size, the DASHER MINI SLIM allows easy storage and you can bring it to anywhere you like! As for the DASHER MEDIUM, it offers a 360mm standard space that it’s user friendly with its standard size, providing the comfort for long gaming session. Lastly, the amazing DASHER EXTENDED (The one we are reviewing today) offers a bigger space for you to move your mouse! This amazing 900mm wide smooth surface type mouse pad is big enough for large gaming keyboards, with plenty of room left over for your gaming mouse! Definitely the right choice for you who needs bigger room for intense games! In addition, these mouse pads were created with solid sewing edge of the mouse pad ensures long-term durability, preventing peeling or warping problem for you to move your mouse smoothly with consistency!


I would like to thank Thermaltake TteSPORTS for providing this review Sample! Let us see what they have to say about themselves on their website:




“Challenge is the Game” highlights the philosophy to bring out healthy addictions in gaming and the ambition of reaching the pinnacle of success. Tt eSPORTS, a gaming obsessed division from Thermaltake, is uniting gamers from all over the world in a unique & fascinating eSPORTS culture. Inheriting the spirits of Thermaltake, Tt eSPORTS is an energetic, powerful, bold and intelligent challenger whom never says “no” to extreme competition. We do not only provide gamers the ultimate gaming gear but also fulfill the passion to achieve their ultimate ambitions.”


“Thermaltake has been a well-known brand in the gaming & DIY market for PC Chassis, Coolers and Power Supplies for many years. The brand personality of being unique, aggressive, vivid and stylish makes Thermaltake an expert in creating exciting things and fascinating environments for gamers and enthusiasts. Tt eSPORTS inherited the brand personality with unique and creative designs by observing users’ behavior and demands. The fan cooling design on the Tt eSPORTS Challenger keyboard demonstrates the brand spirit. It is the first keyboard worldwide with a fan cooling function that could dry your sweaty hands and blow tension away during cutthroat competition.”

Now let us see what this gaming mouse pad is all about!




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