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AOC AGON Pro AG254FG Gaming Monitor Review

Ever wonder what kind of monitors the professionals use at gaming tournaments? Well, we actually have one of those to show you today! The AOC AGON Pro AG254FG Gaming Monitor. This isn’t your simple old monitor with standard specs. This monitor is capable of taking your gaming to the next level. If oyu are being held back by refresh rates or response times this monitor will give you no more room for excuses. The AG254FG is capable of extreme refresh rates that even the best graphics cards will struggle to keep up. Not often to you come across a monitor that has jaw dropping specs but, this one will have you second guessing your current setup for sure! Not only can you join the fun that the pro’s and see what it’s like to have a monitor capable of tournament grade performance, but you can look cool doing so while you put in the practice to get there one day. If you are serious about E-Sports and want to really see what you are capable of then this monitor is something, you really do need. 

The all-new fourth generation AGON AG254FG is our Red Dot design award winning model for everyone who seeks cutting edge performance and flawless immersion. It comes with High Dynamic Range 400 (HDR), NVIDIA G-SYNC, 360Hz refresh rate and customizable front and back RGB Light FX.



  • TRUE MASTERY IS UNBEATABLE: Get into the world of E-Sports and become the next legend with the AGON PRO AG254FG tournament-gaming monitor, equipped with all the features you need to claim victory.
  • EXPERIENCE LEGENDARY SPEED: Hyper-responsive 360Hz refresh rate and blazing-fast 1ms (GTG) response time ensure unparalleled smoothness and fluidity to your games. SMOOTH VICTORIES WITH NVIDIA G-SYNC: NVIDIA G-SYNC technology synchronizes the display and GPU to provide the most fluid, tear-free gaming experience at its highest performance.
  • GAIN A SUPERIOR EDGE WITH NVIDIA REFLEX: NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer technologies deliver the ultimate competitive advantage with ultra-low latency, ultra-high responsiveness, and virtually instantaneous response to your mouse and keyboard actions.
  • A PERFECT PICTURE AT EVERY ANGLE: With the latest VESA DisplayHDR 400 certified technology, colors are more accurate than ever before with greater depth, nuance, and vibrancy. See your characters come to life with impressive luminescence, high contrast, and dynamic color range.
  • LIGHT UP THE BATTLEFIELD WITH AOC LIGHT FX AND AGON LOGO PROJECTION: Powerful LED technology illuminates your room with ambiance, while logo projection showcases the AGON shield or text logo dynamically on the surface of your desk. Choose from over 16.8 million color options, 11 ultra-vivid lighting effects, and synchronize with AGON gaming peripherals to create the ultimate light show.
  • INSTANTLY CHANGE GEARS WITH THE AGON QUICK SWITCH KEYPAD: Quickly switch between 6 game modes to enhance your in-game experience AOC G-MENU: Customize your AGON monitor and peripherals in a convenient, all-in-one software.

I would like to thank AOC for providing the review sample. This is a snippet from what AOC has to say about themselves on their website:

AOC was founded in 1967. From day one we have maintained our focus on display technology and have continued to innovate in this field, always with the same goal: delivering you a great experience with our products, no matter the purpose of use.

For demanding professionals, we provide computer displays with high resolutions, high color accuracy, and an impressive set of advanced features. For style-conscious home users, we offer high-performance monitors with unique, eye-catching designs. For office use, we achieve important energy efficiency standards. Many of our business monitors come with comprehensive ergonomic adjustment options.

And for professional gamers, we redefine awesomeness with our selection of AOC Gaming and AGON displays, which not only excel with their fast performance, but also with their unique designs and gamer-specific features.

Whatever display you need, we are passionate about providing it to you, always aiming for the highest quality possible, and always with our 3-year warranty (4-year warranty for AGON).

OK let’s get down to business and start with the specifications and features of the AOC AGON Pro AG254FG Gaming Monitor. You can buy the AOC AGON Pro AG254FG Gaming Monitor for around USD $749.99 from Amazon –


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