Cougar Screamer-X Studio Microphone Review

Conclusion and Verdict

In, conclusion the Cougar Screamer-X is the first attempt by cougar entering the microphone arena. I like the fact that there is a monitor jack. You can fine tune your voice and it is more sensitive then what is actually recorded or heard by the person on the other end. This helped with fine tuning the gain and mic volume. I really like the USB pass through and the large mute button on top is perfect. It doesn’t protrude from the mic which is perfect if you adjust the mics position a lot. When in the base provided, the knobs are easy to turn and the holder doesn’t interfere with the knobs. And it has a nice tight, snug fit. I like RGB of course can’t go wrong with that.

Now as far as performance, each setting had a distinct difference. You can tell the pick-up pattern direction changes accurately. The noise reduction worked great as well. All-in-all its a great microphone and sounds very crisp and clear in the recordings I made and when listened back to them I didn’t notice anything bad. You may have noticed I was able to insert a customizable pop filter. This is something Cougar plans on offering as well in the very near future. It was nice, to be able to customize the pop-filter. Since it is easy to take out and put back in giving people a way to insert a custom logo or color pop-filter would is awesome.

You can buy the Cougar Screamer-X Studio Microphone for around USD $149.90 from Amazon –



  • Easy to use mute button
  • 4 different pickup patterns
  • 3.5mm monitoring jack to you can here what everyone else hears
  • USB pass through
  • Customizable pop filter
  • RGB base
  • Noise reduction


  • None


Final Thoughts:

Cougar has once again jumped into another market and released the Screamer-X. This microphone has a lot of features built in that you won’t need software for. The looks and feel are top notch and that easily earns this product an editors choice award!



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