HyperX Cloud Revolver S Gaming Headset Review

Performance, Effects and Closer Look

One more look at the package contents so we know what we are testing.

Kingston has improved their flagship gaming headset one more time. It’s nice to see all these changes during last years. This time we’ve received USB dongle which is adding Dolby Surround 7.1, new 50mm drivers and couple of additional changes in design. Everything counts when you try to make great product even better.

General design and used materials are great. You can just feel the high quality of this product. Even plastic is “soft” in touch and you know clearly for what you have paid. Every part of the set is well designed.

Cables and connectors are additionally protected so that they are hard to damage during normal usage.

USB cable has attached audio controller with DSP sound card. On the controller we can find backlit buttons which are used to enable or disable Dolby audio and microphone. There is also switch that lets us pick one of the three equalizer presets. Of course we can also control sound levels.

Equalizer profiles and surround sound give good effects but you have to pick the best mode for your sound source. Not all games or movies sound good with all these profiles and sometimes it’s better to keep default settings. It’s more like a bonus option.

Microphone is detachable and is covered by rubber so is easy to clean and also hard to damage. We can adjust it how we like and can easily disconnect.

Performance of the microphone is quite good. Sound is clear and there is not much noise from the background, what is important.

Most headsets which I had a chance to test were simply not comfortable. The best till now was last HyperX Cloud headset while the Revolver S is clearly better. Both ear cups and headband are just perfect. During longer game sessions you can forget that you have any headset on. It’s not too tight and not too loose, just perfect. It’s also light even though it seems like a large headset.

Ear cups have soft padding and the same as previous Revolver series, also here we can find memory foam which highly affects comfort.

Sound of the Revolver S is great. Especially listening to audio is pure pleasure. Previous HyperX headsets had also good sound quality but Revolver S is just better. Surround effect again sometimes gives good experience but sometimes sounds weird. It’s better to use it in games or movies.

I was testing Revolver S for couple of days in various games and while playing various audio and video files. If sound source is good quality then we will experience clear and rich sound regardless what we are listening to.

Frequency range of Revolver S is between 12 Hz and 28,000 Hz. That’s more than average human can hear. Most headsets can not even come close to these values. It really counts especially when you listen to audio coded in Dolby Surround or any other format which is imitating 3D. Low tones are deep and high tones are clear. It’s not the first headset which is offering 3D sound that I’m testing but for sure it gives the best experience.

The Revolver S has interesting design. It keeps unique gaming style but is not too flashy. I don’t really like most gaming headsets because they they look like target users were only kids. The Revolver S looks stylish but at the same time keeps gaming spirit.

I also like the fact that we can use USB connector. Sounds simple but most gaming headsets have only 3.5″ jack connection what causes issues with some devices. Revolver S is compatible with nearly all devices what includes computers, gaming consoles and mobile devices.


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