Review: ABOX T22 Portable LCD Projector

Let’s face it, if we all had the space and money we would all build ourselves a man-cave, and what better way to put the final touches to your man-cave than a LCD projector! We’ve all wanted one, but we could never find the excuse to go out and get one.

Today we will be taking a look at the ABOX T22 portable LCD projector, and boy are we excited!


The ABOX T22 is promoted as a portable LCD projector, but to pack 2400 lumens something had to give, and ultimately that was the T22’s dimensions. Roughly the size of a small cookie tin, it’s not going to fit in your pocket like a pico-projector would do, but then it wouldn’t be able to offer this much brightness.

One of the first things you will notice on the ABOX T22 is the lens, its big! We found that you need to be careful when cleaning the lens as it was very easy when positioning the T22 to end up with fingerprints on it. There are 2 rotating rings behind the lens, the outer one focuses the lens, whilst the inner ring lets you tile the angle of the projected image on a vertical axis. Focusing the lens would sometimes means the lens glass itself protrudes from the T22 exterior, so be careful not the touch it as it is hot when switched on, and prone to getting scratches.

The ABOX T22 takes a sorts of source inputs; VGA, SD card, HDMI and even USB, so you can store your movies and photos on USB drive and watch them on the T22, or even review the photos you have just taken stored on an SD card. The T22 has in-built stereo speakers which are decent in sound, but you do get a 3.5mm audio port to either plug in a pair of headphones or another set of external speakers.

Operation of the ABOX T22 is dead easy; plug in the power, plug in the input source, and then select the input source from the easy to navigate menu system. Navigation can be done via the buttons on the T22 itself or with the supplied remote control.

But enough of all this, let’s jump to the next page to see how the T22 performs.

You can get the ABOX T22 portable LCD projector right here (US) from Amazon for around USD $129 –


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