Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless Headphone Review


All the controls and ports are situated on underside of the right earcup. Going from left to right in the photo above: active noise cancellation switch, effects mode button, charging port and audio-in port.

The active-cancellation switch has 3 settings: off, medium and high. I’ll talk more about this feature later on.


There is no power button on the PXC 550, just twist the ear cup into its normal listening position and it is switch on. You can play/pause your sound tracks by tapping the outer side of the right ear cup, and sliding you finger up and down the flat surface will also control the volume.

I just love these simple controls, I’m one of those people that forget which button is for what so I’m constantly jabbing all the buttons to get the function I want. With these controls, Sennheiser allows you to spend less time on fiddling about, and more time to enjoy your music.


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