Tunai CLIP Wireless Headphone Adapter Review

Previously we had the chance to review the Firefly from Tunai and we were impressed with that device. Today we have the opportunity to review the CLIP which is a convenient little device that will give your favorite set of headphones wireless capability!

Tunai Clip

CLIP is designed to turn any wires headphones with standard 3.5mm plug into wireless without compromising audio quality, giving you the flexibility to choose your preferred audiophile headphones and turn it wireless. CLIP preserves the authenticity of sound using an advanced audio rebuild technology we call “Sound Revitalization Technology (SRT)” . Instead of the traditional low quality audio compression SBC technology, CLIP supports AAC & MP3 to minimize distortion when sound is compressed for streaming over the air. Our unique patent pending “Sound Revitalization Technology, SRT” scans the received audio data, and rebuilds the distorted audio.

I would like to thank Tunai for providing this review sample! Let us see what they have to say about themselves on their website:

Talents around the world gathered here in Formosa, an amazing island where technology and beauty co-exist, to start the quest of building a global leading accessory brand at Tunai Creative Inc.

Intuitive and ease to use, improving your lifestyle is our mission. , and “Simple, but Significant” is our slogan. In TUNAI CREATIVE, we believe technology shouldn’t be complicated, and should be used to provide convenience to life. This believe, has internalized into our development process. Discuss, modify and verify again and again to make the use of product more intuitive. Likewise, we hope our product attracts you for purchasing, not just because it’s a new gadget with unique looks; but something that brings more convenience to your life.

The word TUNAI comes from Tamil, the official language of Sri Lanka, pronunciation of word “accessory”. Sri Lanka, known as “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, is the top five gemstone producing country in the world. TUNAI, used as the first word of our brand, implying our idea in developing towards the concept of “accessory boutiques”

CREATIVE, explained by Merriam-Webster as “the ability to create”, can also be explained as “seeking to exploit the infinite in a limited space”. CREATEIVE, used as the second word of our brand, combining with the first, defines how our company will grow – “Doing the accessory boutiques differently in a new way”.

Now let us see what this Tunai CLIP is all about! Buy now at Amazon – https://goo.gl/wshMjJ


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