VIOTEK GNV34DBE2 34″ QHD Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor Review

Today we get to show you the VIOTEK GNV34DBE2 34″ QHD Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor! 3440x1140p is something you need to experience. When these Ultrawide monitors first started coming out, years ago, I was very skeptical. That may have been because they were only affordable if you bought the smaller screen sizes. At that time, I was determined I wasn’t going to game on a monitor that had such a small screen height. As you may know that has all changed in the past few years and these Ultrawide monitors , not only are affordable but the screen sizes are perfect for gaming. You will see later in this review just how much more real estate these monitors have to offer. Expand your horizon, as they say. It is really hard to game on a 16:9 monitor after experiencing the full 21:9 aspect ratio. You truly get a more immersed in the game simply because you get to see more of it at once. Viotek has been offering monitors for a while now and have a decent catalogue to choose from. They even have portable monitors like the LinQ we covered a while back. Viotek offers a pixel-perfect promise. I find this very important. A lot of other companies always require there to be certain amount of dead pixels for you to claim a RMA. There is nothing worse than having a dead pixel and be able to do nothing about it. One pixel can ruin the whole experience. With Viotek you will have peace of mind. So now that we have a few things covered lets get to all the good stuff and see the GNV34DBE2 34″ QHD Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor up close and personal.



VIOTEK returns with the ultra-wide value of the GNV34DEB2—a 34-inch curved ultrawide monitor perfect for gaming, media consumption and productivity. See more of your movie and enjoy the competitive advantage of the increased field of vision that comes from the ultrawide WQHD (21:9, 3440x1440p) display. Images are rich with amazing detail and color reproduction, thanks to the pro-grade 103% sRGB gamut and upgraded 4000:1 contrast ratio. Blacks are deep, whites are bright, and the reds, greens and blues are vibrant. Fine tune the display’s gamma, saturation and hue settings on-the-fly from the OSD menu to find the perfect image quality. The superfast 144Hz refresh rate delivers flicker-free video. Use Active Sync to play action-heavy games with minimal image distortion (tearing, ghosting) and get the upper hand in FPS, racing and eSports games. (Active Sync is compatible with AMD Freesync, NVIDIA G-Sync and Xbox One X/S.) V4Victory!

I would like to thank Viotek for providing the review GNV34DBE2 sample. This is a snippet from what Viotek has to say about themselves on their website:

Viotek is a different kind of tech company. Built on an unwavering will to innovate, Viotek is dedicated to making the best products at the best price for technology enthusiasts worldwide. With an imaginative research and development team and the resources to bring ideas to life, Viotek is committed to never follow but always lead.

Values and Principles


We’re committed. Viotek is built on unwavering will and dedication to innovate, solving common problems and improving experiences for technology enthusiasts worldwide.

Research & Development

We think big. With an imaginative research and development team and the resources to bring ideas to life, Viotek is committed to never follow but always lead.


We like competition. Viotek strives to offer the best products at the best price. We continuously benchmark our performance against the very best in the biz, but more importantly, we have pretty high standards of our own.


We’re efficient. Industrial and technological advancements make our lives better, but also have a big impact on the environment. Viotek takes great measures to ensure our products are as efficient as possible, delivering maximum performance with minimum energy consumption.

Customer Service

We care. Customers are our greatest asset and we wouldn’t be where we are today without so many of you. That is why Viotek is the industry leader in customer service and support and features an industry-leading, no-hassle warranty, even on most OEM parts.

OK let’s get down to business and start with the specifications and features of the VIOTEK GNV34DBE2 34″ QHD Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor. You can buy the VIOTEK GNV34DBE2 34″ QHD monitor for around USD $399 from Amazon –


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