Shuttle XPC Nano NC02U5 Review

Verdict & Conclusion

If only I had a Shuttle nano XPC NC02U5 back 20 years ago, it would have solved so many of my computational needs at the time. Sure there’s less expansion options for you to play around with due to the NC02U5 being so small, but for what you get in a tiny package, the NC02U5 is a very capable mini computer. Even with a some what heavy operating system that we were using (Windows 10 Professional 64-bit), the NC02U5 coped very well at every day tasks, and we are looking to review it again once we get to install a much lighter OS onto it…..I’m looking to get Android on it.


As a small office PC, the NC02U5 cuts throw tasks easily, but many users will look to pair a NC02U5 with their home entertainment, and it doesn’t disappoint with its lag free 4K output. Its actually light enough to mount onto the back of a flat panel television, but wouldn’t look out of place along any high-end entertainment system.


Even though to many users the legacy serial port will never be used,  it does offer commercial/industrial users even more options with this virtually silent and cool-running NC02U5. Drawing a maximum of 65w of power, you can just leave the NC02U5 switched on all the time. Here at FunkyKit, we’re just racking our brains to find more and more intuitive uses for it!!!


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