Antec P101 Silent Chassis Review

Conclusion and Verdict

The Antec P101 is a fantastic chassis for the purpose that it was designed. This chassis makes a great workstation or perhaps a small home server case. There are storage options aplenty and the sound dampening material really does make a difference in the operating noise levels.

Cooling performance is perfect out of the box, yet the P101 is liquid cooling friendly should you decide to upgrade that as well. This chassis is very functional and very thoughtful. The simplistic nature of the P101 is a welcome break from the sometimes chaotic and inconsiderate design choices found in other chassis.

In contrast, while the black and white theme looks great, I think that more color options would make this chassis for exciting. Also, the sound dampening material had already begun to slightly peel in a few places, at least in our sample. Hopefully, this is just a random fluke incident and will not be an issue for everyone. Perhaps a stronger adhesive is needed. Although just a purely aesthetic personal preference, I would have like to seen grommets installed for the cable management holes in the motherboard tray.

You can buy the Antec P101 Silent Chassis for right around $120.00 USD from Amazon –



  • Great build quality
  • Great cooling performance
  • Support the E-ATX form factor
  • Can hold plenty of storage drives
  • Liquid cooling friendly
  • All intakes have removable dust filters
  • Surfaces are easy to maintain and keep clean
  • Very quiet operation with sound dampening material
  • Support for an optical drive


  • Only available in the black/white livery
  • The sound dampening material needs stronger adhesive for long-term performance
  • No grommets installed for the cable management holes in the motherboard tray


Final Thoughts

Antec continues to be successful in delivering quiet performance while delivering the same quality that we have all come to expect from the company. The P101 has enough of the more important features for those who do not require flashy things such as a window or RGB lighting. Taking into further consideration the build quality and the amount of function for the price, we are happy to recommend this product!




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