CoolerMaster HAF XB Chassis Review


Coolermaster has been making cases for as long as I remember. Over the years their cases have ranged from tiny aluminum HTPC cases to big giant steel server cases. Today we are taking a look at the HAF XB which is quite an interesting case in and of itself. It is a cube, part case and part benching station. Over the course of this review we will be looking at the case to see how it does in both respects.


Just a little bit about Coolermaster:

Pursuing excellence in design, quality, and affordability since its inception two decades ago, Cooler Master has fueled growth through product portfolio diversification. This comes from an endless drive to deliver world class quality and service to its customers.


  • Wide-ranging product offerings (Power supplies, enclosures, accessories, peripherals, & cooling products)
  • Innovation driven by cohesive effort between end-user input and R&D
  • World-class regional customer support teams




I think it would be a good idea to take a look at what the HAF XB is packing under the hood. Lets go and dive into things already!


Simliar Product:


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