Cougar MX660 Iron RGB Mid-Tower Chassis Review

Conclusion and Verdict

In conclusion, the MX660 Iron RGB is another case from Cougar where they have given the user plenty of options to choose from when installing your hardware. This case doesn’t have an absurd amount of RGB but you still have the option to overload it if you wanted. The initial RGB really come from the fan and the more you add to the internals the more it will light up the room. The only RGB on the outside is a subtle logo projector, on the bottom, of the front of the case. This case will accommodate the largest hardware out there. We have the room for, most importantly, a max graphics card of length of 410mm, which is well within the reach of the newer 3090’s. The max cooler height is 165mm and you can also easily install a 360mm AIO in either the front or the top of the case. One last thing, you can also fit the larger E-ATX motherboards. So all-in-all this case is primed for anything you can throw at it.

And if you are one not willing to sacrifice RGB you can easily add more to you liking with the central hub behind the back panel. With the included fan you could add up to 5 more and they will be all synced together.

I was expecting the front panel to be aluminum but it indeed was plastic. This has its advantages in weight but a front metal piece would have been a nice option. The finish is nicely done, in fact at first glance you may actually think it is metal. So the finished look on the plastic was impressive.

For a proud hardware geek, the chassis is the focal point of the PC, since it is the largest piece of hardware. The aesthetics of a chassis are important to many system builders and consumers alike. A chassis with sleek lines and a smooth finish are key factors to give your custom PC a specific curb appeal.

You can buy the Cougar MX660 Iron RGB Mid-Tower Chassis for around USD $104.99 from Amazon



  • Mid-Tower with capabilities to install large hardware
  • Tempered glass panel
  • 2 available color options
  • Included fan
  • Simple yet stylish design


  • None


Final Words

The Cougar MX660 Iron RGB is one of those cases that will surprise you with all of the install options available. You can basically put anything you desire in a case with these specifications. You get Cougars angled style design and high quality craftsmanship when you get this case!

You can buy the Cougar MX660 Iron RGB Mid-Tower Chassis for around USD $105 from Amazon –


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