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I have seen a couple of the DimasTech bench tables in the past during overclocking contests and presented on a various computer enthusiast forums. However, I have not had the chance to take a closer look at these simple looking but helpful computer chassis. Many regular computer users probably will not be interested in a bench table but all enthusiasts and overclockers find it very handy. There are also users who wish to expose their brand new and often expensive computer hardware, not hiding it in a more standard computer case. For all of those users, DimasTech has designed a full line of the bench/test tables.

Due to kindness of DimasTech we are able to present one of the latest series of the bench table simply called Easy V3.0 which comes in a full ATX size.

Dimastech EasyV30 pht0


Let us start this review with a couple of facts about DimasTech as this is our first review of the Italian manufacturer on the Funky Kit website.

DimasTech Systems is an Italian company specialized in the design, development and commer-cialization of high added value technological equipment with a particular focus to cooling andthermal management of electronic devices.

In order to cover the needs of its customers, the Company decided to organize itself into separate departments:

  • DimasTech Systems: This department is responsible for the design and manufacturing of coolingsolutions for Companies, Research Institutions and Public Entities. The experience gained overthe years has led us to be competitive in the design and implementation of highly specializedand customized solutions following the needs of each individual customer.
  • DimasTech Cooling: This is the department that deals with the production and marketing of allDimasTech branded products aimed to the retail, Consumer and PC Enthusiast markets, such asPhase Change Cooling, Bench Tables / Tech Stations, water-stations and Watercooling Cases.

DFE-ITALY and RefriDirect: These are the trademarks with which DimasTech operates two newinnovative production lines, dedicated respectively to the food industry and retail.

Thanks to its experience, gained through years of design and development of thermal solutionsfor microprocessors and accessories, DimasTech Systems Snc now aims to an international mar-ket, providing customers with a flexible structure intended to solve any kind of problem con-cerning thermal management.

DimasTech, thanks to its strong organizational skills and excellence of production, has increasedover the years its own customers’ base through the ability to always offer new products, that arecompletely Made in Italy.

DimasTech stems from the desire and relentless pursuit of making good products, constantlyupdating its manufacturing facility to the most modern standards both in development and pro-ductive phases.

The highly qualified staff helps to identify and to achieve increasingly ambitious goals, alwayssatisfying the needs of the customer.A commercial organization that covers a worldwide market throughout a network of dealers anddistributors allows us to be present and close to the realities and needs of different countries.The key points of the company are:

• Professionalism

• Research and Development

• Experience and Dynamic Structure

• Total Customer Satisfaction


Here are also a couple of words about DimasTech’s history:

DimasTech Systems Snc was founded in 2005 by an intuition of Andrea Di Marco who, afterhaving graduated from high school, decided to devote himself entirely to a new hobby: PhaseChange Cooling, the goal of which is to implement the concepts of refrigeration cycle to activelycool electronic components inside computers.

The hobby soon turns into a real company, being its focus helping its clients in finding the bestcompromise between performance and cost, with the result of pushing their PCs well beyondthe standard working frequencies.

The continuing growth has led the founder to acquire new capitals and new facilities in 2008,year in which DimasTech jumps into the international arena as a renown manufacturer of coolingsystems for electronic components and Tech Stations.

Since 2008, DimasTech Systems has embarked on a major transformation to try to incorporatewithin the areas of business more advanced technological sectors, which require custom coolingsolutions in the Medical, Scientific and Research fields.

DimasTech Systems is today dedicating every available resource expanding its client portfolio,focusing on the commercial expansion in an ever more globalized market.


Now let us move onto the next page of this review and check out the specification of the DimasTech Easy V3.0.


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