Phanteks Eclipse P300 Tempered Glass Case Review

Can you truly get a tempered glass case for $59.99?

Conclusion and Verdict

Overall I really love this case, I didn’t know you could get a tempered glass side panel on a  sub $100 case but Phanteks has proven you can!

This case also has plenty of room for any build you may be imagining just keep in mind the GPU hight limits and you’ll be fine, I also love how this case looks I got the red version but it also comes in other colors and the programmable lighting means you can match the case to any color scheme you have in mind.

I also love all of the room for cables that are out of sight when viewed from the front and building in this case was just as easy as any other case except for the PSU installation which is my only honest complaint for the P300.

Another thing I like about this case is the fact that even though it’s a mid tower it’s fairly compact without sacrificing usability.

One thing I would personally like to see is an optional clear front panel since I have LED fans that look great when viewed from the front, This doesn’t affect the score but it would be great to see in the future!

If you are in the market for a new case and want something that will fit any current or future parts while being built extremely well and feature real tempered glass on the side panel you can’t go wrong with the P300!



  • Sturdy construction,
  • Looks sleek,
  • programable lighting,
  • Budget friendly,
  • Real tempered glass at a low price point,
  • Amazing cable management space,
  • PSU shroud,
  • Large interior,
  • Compact overall size,
  • Decent amount of fan/radiator support.


  • Awkward PSU installation.


  • No reset button.


Final Thoughts

Overall this is a great case for the price and you’re getting some great features usually not seen unless you pay close to $100 bucks on a case like RGB lighting and tempered glass. Just be prepared to spend a bit longer than usual when installing the PSU.

I give this case solid score of 4.5/5 for being a great budget oriented case that provides a ton of room in a compact  case and some great build quality!




You can buy the Phanteks Eclipse P300 Tempered Glass Case for around USD $59 from Amazon –


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