Phanteks Enthoo Primo Chassis Review

When a consumer is shopping for their next computer chassis, a number of traits can come into play to help make the final decision. Whether the consumer is focusing on cooling, functions, bling, aesthetics, or simplicity; there is a chassis for everyone. Often, the chassis that is chosen is an extension of that consumer’s personality. Manufacturers are increasingly paying attention to these trends, thankfully, and the results are abundant and plentiful.

We have seen several chassis manufacturers come and go over the years and some of their ideas and features live on through other manufacturers’ iterations. Chassis designs are ever-evolving as is the enthusiast. This is especially great and keeps  the market fresh and appealing. New ideas or the perfection of trends will potentially attract enthusiasts and encourage the modding community. Lately, the market has been slow to introduce something special. However, a product has recently arrived at my doorstep that has captured my attention and even given me a WOW impression. I am most certainly not talking about the MMO variety of WoW either. I am talking about the Enthoo Primo from Phanteks.


Today we will be taking a look at the Enthoo Primo chassis from Phanteks, who is well known for their cooling solutions. It will be interesting to see what their debut chassis offering can bring to the game compared to other chassis in a market loaded with a variety of other options.

Phanteks has packed some of the best features that an enthusiast could crave into the Enthoo Primo, such as tool-less storage installation, support for various liquid cooling configurations, support for multiple SSDs, cable management options, and more as we will discover soon. Since I know the anticipation is getting the best of everyone, let us begin the review!

phanteks logo

I would like to thank Phanteks for providing the review sample. This is a snippet from what Phanteks has to say about themselves on their website:

“Phanteks was founded from a group of engineers with a total of 20 years of international experience in thermal solutions. They paired up with a Dutch design team and established

Phanteks in 2007. Phanteks venture into the CPU cooling industry with two goals in mind, “High-end quality and innovative products in thermal solutions.”

As a relatively young company, we strive to develop top quality and superior products.  Our first product, PH-TC14PE, was a great success in the overclocking community. With the success we have made, we are more passionate in developing new and better innovative cooling solutions than ever. Our Phanteks Design Team is situated in the Netherlands and consists of creative researchers, designers and developers whose only desires are to bring the latest cutting edge technology to you.

We are continuously pursuing excellence in thermal solutions so that we can develop and bring satisfaction to the enthusiasts and computer users everywhere. Our goal is to be the best in the industry and our motto is “no job is impossible.”


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